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Sanusi criticises Kano APC candidate’s response to election defeat

by Peter Friday
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Emir Sanusi expressed disappointment in Gawuna’s lack of graceful acceptance of the election defeat, stating that the opposition’s lack of faith in the people’s choice was evident from the tribunal to the Supreme Court.

Addressing the audience, the former Emir highlighted the denial of citizens’ fundamental right to vote for their chosen leaders. He condemned the practice of seeking power through the courts after losing an election, stating the need to respect the citizens’ rightful choices.

Emir Sanusi remarked, “Something peculiar is happening; after people cast their votes and lose the election, they resort to the courts to forcefully seize power. They encountered Allah in the final court, and only then did they claim to believe in Allah’s decision.”

Encouraging resilience, he urged the populace to face judicial decisions with a spirit of endurance.

Additionally, Emir Sanusi offered prayers and counsel to the current governor of Kano State, advocating for a fair and democratic process in the upcoming elections.

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