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Seun Kuti raises alarm over threats to his life amidst controversial statements

by Peter Friday
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Seun Kuti, has expressed concerns over alleged threats to his life, attributing the danger to his outspoken nature on social and political matters.

In a video message shared on his Instagram page on Saturday, February 3, 2024, the artist accused unidentified individuals of attempting to silence him for speaking the truth.

Seun Kuti disclosed that he has faced numerous court cases and police invitations throughout the years, stemming from his vocal stance on various societal issues. The singer, known for his controversial statements, claimed to be fighting multiple secret battles alone, emphasizing the challenges he faces.

In the video message, Kuti stated, “I will reveal it here today. They want silent me for this country. I can’t tell you how many wars I am fighting alone. I can’t tell you how many cases in court for nothing, how many police invitations left, right and centre for nothing. For just saying the truth, everybody is inviting the police on me.”


He further asserted that his commitment to speaking the truth has led to attempts to destroy his reputation and even threaten his life. Kuti highlighted the challenges faced by individuals who choose to be vocal about societal issues and claimed that such suppression of truth-tellers has been ongoing since ancient times.


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