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Shallipopi opens up on how he spent his first music earnings

by Peter Friday
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The singer, famous for his popular song Elon Musk, explained that after the song became a hit and he started making money, he decided to spend it on leisure activities commonly known as “oscroh,” a term synonymous to ‘hookup girls.’

The self-acclaimed ‘Presido La Pluto’ shared this information in an interview with fellow artist, Odumodublck on an episode of the Turntable podcast today, Tuesday, January 30, 2024. When asked about what he bought first after the success of Elon Musk, the up-and-coming artist admitted that he spent his money on personal enjoyment, specifically mentioning that he engaged with sex workers.

In the podcast exchange, Odumodublvck asked, “When Elon Musk blow, wetin be the first thing wey you buy? No be this chain.” Shallipopi replied; “I chop am na, normal. I no buy chow. I use am order oscroh [sex workers].”

Discussing the hurdles he encountered when his music faced online criticism, Shallipopi demonstrated a resilient mindset. He stressed the significance of disregarding negative comments, highlighting the need to persist and remain dedicated to one’s craft, understanding that not everyone will appreciate their work.


In his words, “When my music was being trolled online, I ignored it because you don’t have to listen to the naysayers. Just keep doing your thing. Who like you like you, who no like you, no like you. Everybody can’t like you.”

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