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Shallipopi talks about his stance on relationship and infidelity

by Peter Friday
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Shallipopi has opened up about his stance on relationships, emphasizing his dedication to monogamy and honesty in romantic partnerships.

In an interview with British media personality, Madam Joyce on Thursday, February 8, 2024, Shallipopi shared insights into his approach to love and fidelity.

He expressed his identity as a “lover boy” and affirmed his belief in staying faithful to one partner. Despite admitting to past heartbreak experiences, Shallipopi emphasized his commitment to remaining loyal and genuine in his relationships.

In his words, “I’m a lover boy. If I had a girl I’d be talking to her every time, but I’m not looking for love at the moment, if it comes it comes but I no dey find. If It comes on its own, it’s real, I’m just gonna let it happen. I just would want her to be herself.”


Addressing the topic of infidelity, Shallipopi firmly stated that he has never engaged in cheating and has no intentions of doing so in the future. He highlighted the risks and consequences of dishonesty in relationships,emphasizing the importance of trust and sincerity.

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