Brown changed from dressing as a woman to a man because his grandma came to visit him.

James Brown

The controversial crossdresser, James Brown, has revealed what he had to do to avoid confusing his grandmother when she came to visit.

The self-described “Prince of Africow,” who joined the crossdressers’ league and became famous, posted images of himself on his Instagram page looking like a guy.

This caused a lot of questions in the comment section, which he answered with his post’s caption.

According to him, he had to appear masculine with his dressing because his grandma came to visit him and he didn’t want to confuse her.

He wrote: “My grandma came for a visit, so I decided not confuse her with my look. I am that boy with a feminine spirit”.


Brown’s gender and s*xual orientation have been a subject of discourse on social media, with different speculations.

When his bedroom affairs were leaked online in October, it sparked a debate about his gender and s*xual orientation.

Many have further questioned James Brown’s alleged gender orientation in the wake of the leaked bedroom video of the famed cross-dresser with a woman.

He has repeatedly asserted that he is straight, but a lot of people seem to not believe him. So, when the video of him being with a woman surfaced on the internet, it sparked mixed reactions from fans and everyone at large