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Solid Star talks about his experience with hard drugs

by Peter Friday
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Joshua Iniyezo, professionally known as Solid Star Isoko, recently shared some information regarding his three-year musical hiatus.

In a candid interview, the Nigerian musician, Solid Star, known for hits like One in a Millionand Shaba, revealed a dark period in his life marked by mental health struggles and drug use. Solid Star stated that he was introduced to drugs, specifically “ice,” in 2021. This, he claims, significantly impacted his mental well-being, pushing him to the brink. The singer described experiencing a mental breakdown so severe that he almost lost his mind.

Adding another detail to a difficult time, Solid Star recounted walking a substantial distance, from Awoyaya to the Oriental Hotel, during this period. Awoyaya is a Lagos neighbourhood known to be quite far from the Oriental Hotel in Lekki.

Solid Star’s revelation sheds light on the often-hidden battles celebrities face. His story serves as a reminder of the importance of mental health awareness and the dangers of substance abuse. While there is no mention of his current state, fans are hoping there is already a full recovery for the talented musician.


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