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Stand up comedy is tougher than skit making – Lasisi Elenu declares

by Peter Friday
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Speaking during an interview with HipTV, he was asked which of the two forms of comedy was harder. To this, he compared the two and noted that the former was more difficult.

Defending his stance he said, “Both stand-up comedy and skit-making have a different feel. There is a lot of pressure in stand-up comedy. You’ve to be on your A-game, and you have to make several materials ready in case you use one and it’s not that good, you can always improvise. It’s very important to do that.”

He commented that as a skit maker, the content creation process would always be something he could lean on because it’s a part of him. Lasisi stated that even though both are lucrative, it all boils down to how they infuse their creativity into their work.

In his words,” However, skit-making has become a part of me; one which I can do at any time, any moment, from sleep, it’s a go for me. I know how to put myself in tune. Yeah, both stand-up comedy and skit-making are lucrative. It just depends on how you channel… As a matter of fact, it’s not how hard you work but how smart you work.

The actor also advised aspiring skit makers to channel their videos to the appropriate people and places to make money from their content. He concluded by adding that both skit-making and stand-up comedy has the potential to give a comedian the financial gains they want, it just depends on each person.

It is worthy of note that Lasisi is not the only comedian with this ideology. In July 2023 popular comedian Igosave spoke on the matter, stating that skit-making has no longevity. In his opinion, the life span of skit-making is short, in comparison to comedians who do stand-up.

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