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Tacha Akide’s 7 most controversial moments from BBNaija

by Peter Friday
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Here are 7 of the most memorable and controversial moments that have defined Tacha’s rise to fame.
1 Disqualification from Big Brother Naija

Starting from the very beginning, Tacha stepped into the spotlight as a housemate in the fourth season of the show in 2019 and was notably one of the most popular and controversial housemates of her season.

We can’t forget her catchphrase “No Leave, No Transfer” during the show which earned her both admiration and criticism from viewers.

However, Tacha’s journey in the Pepper Demseason came to an abrupt end when she was disqualified for physical violence against fellow housemate Mercy Eke. The incident became one of the most talked-about in the history of the reality show.

Tacha is highly opinionated, we know this. Most recently, she became a topic of controversy after her interview with Phyna. In the interview, her assertion that one is “single till you’re married” stirred debate and divided opinions on social media.

She said, “You have to be in that relationship and not be faithful until you probably get a ring. Or until you’re getting into a marriage where you have to swear an oath because which oath did you swear to your boyfriend that you’re faithful to? Like do you understand what I mean? You’re single till you’re married. You know that yes?”

After the snippet from the interview hit the internet, she faced severe backlash from social media users. However, she clapped back at her critics on January 26, 2024, saying, “Tell me how you guys are getting so upset and reacting off a 40-second teaser, a teaser wey be say the full conversation is over an hour and you’re using 30 seconds to get angry. I don’t understand. That’s why it’s so easy for fake narratives and fake news to go on the internet.”

After speaking up, she became a trending topic yet again for the third time in one week.

We can’t quickly forget the controversy that erupted in June 2021 when Tacha corrected a fan who told her that the Big Brother Naija show “helped her life.” Taking to her Instagram, she stressed that all the show did was give her a platform, adding that she gave the organisers a show in return.

“Helped whose life? Una dey crack me up for this app. Listen, Big Brother gave me a platform and Tacha gave Big Brother a freaking show. What was Pepper Dem season without Tacha like? Get your facts right,” she said

As one would guess, her statement was followed by outrage by social media users who called her out for being “ungrateful,” reminding her that she won’t be popular without the show’s platform. Others called her prideful and reminded her about her eviction.

Tacha is also known for her bold and unfiltered nature on social media, which has led to heated exchanges and kept her name consistently in the headlines. On January 10, 2024, she found herself caught in the crossfire after weighing in on the dispute between Davido and Tiwa Savage.

At the time, Savage had petitioned Davido for allegedly threatening her life, requesting that the police intervene. After the petition made rounds on social media, Tacha tweeted, “It’s the AUDACITY for me! When a man has God complex what do you expect?? Lool!! Take up somebody your size for once oga BR.”

She then reposted another user’s tweet which read, “If Davido can bully & harass a whole Tiwa Savage, imagine how man’s treating women whose names & faces we don’t know?”

Tacha faced a lot of backlash from the singer’s fans for weighing in on the situation and became a trending topic yet again.

5 Picture with a Fan Drama

Back in November 2023, Tacha became the talk of the town yet again when she posted a video, showing the behind-the-scenes of a picture taken with a fan.

The audience took notice of Tacha’s apparent subtle removal of the fan’s hand from her lower back in the video. The photo, which was captioned, “I just couldn’t lol,” sparked a range of responses, with many stating that she was embarrassing the fan who meant no harm. The reality star received a lot of backlash after posting the footage on social media.

Things took a turn for the worse after the “fan” broke his silence and demanded a public apology from Tacha, saying that the footage did not accurately depict the events that occurred.

Recounting the events, he said he was not aware of the video until it went viral. He explained that Tacha had asked for a short backstage photo, which he granted as the event’s stage manager.

Tacha got dragged even further after the stage manager came out and demanded an apology from her.

Who would have thought that the price tag on a dress would cause such a scuffle, as it did in May 2023? Tacha became the subject of controversy yet again when she announced that the stylish blue dress that she wore to the AMVCA’s cost a staggering $20,000, or about ₦9.2 million.

Her statement was met with lots of scepticism from social media users, and many accused her of lying and clout chasing. In a bid to put an end to the negative comments, Tacha posted the receipt from the designer, clearly showing the price tag.

The highly anticipated All Stars season of Big Brother Naija kicked off on Sunday, July 23 2023, and the fact that Tacha was not part of the housemates was a huge shock to her fans.

Addressing the situation during an interview on July 25, 2023, saying that she would would have gone if she was paid enough.

“Like I said, it’s all about business, if you’re going to pay me, then yes we would do it. But if you’re not going to pay me, I’m not going to water down my brand to give Nigerians a show,”she said.

However, her statement regarding “water down my brand” rubbed some people the wrong way, and it was seen as quite controversial at the time.

Regardless of these controversial moments, Tacha remains a prominent figure in the Nigerian entertainment scene, continuing to make waves with her unabashed approach to life.

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