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Tems reveals what she would wear to meet Barack Obama

by Peter Friday
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In a recent episode of Elle UK‘s “Ask Me Anything,” Grammy award-winning Nigerian singer Tems shared her laid-back approach to fashion, revealing that she would choose to wear jeans if she were to meet former U.S. President Barack Obama.

The singer expressed her desire for a relaxed and informal vibe, stating, “If Barack Obama invited me for dinner, I think I will wear jeans. I want it to be a nice chill vibe. He’s already been a president. Why do we have to make things so formal?”.

Tems’ statement has ignited a variety of reactions from the public, underscoring the fascination and intrigue surrounding her distinct style. While some have lauded her for her simplicity, others have humorously compared her style during the episode to a local masquerade costume.

The conversation took that angle because of President Obama’s 2023 where her song Me & U was featured. The singer’s nonchalant attitude towards high-profile meetings reflects her commitment to staying true to herself and defying traditional fashion norms.



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