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Teni speaks about the excitement of a polygamous home

by Peter Friday
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During the 19th episode of the ‘Zero Conditions’Podcast, Teni fondly recounted her memories of being raised in a polygamous household, revealing that her late father had three wives and 10 children.

Contrary to societal stereotypes, she expressed her love for the polygamous family structure and even claimed a preference for it over a monogamous one.

In her own words, Teni shared, “I grew up in a polygamous family with many people, where you can’t do rubbish. I received a lot of love and protection. Three wives, 10 children. Huge respect to my bloodline! I get along with all of my siblings, though there are levels of closeness.”

She further emphasizes the uniqueness and vibrancy of her upbringing, stating, “Any other way is boring. If I come back to this life again, I want to come to the same family. How can I be in a monogamous house where all of us will be sitting down; no chaos


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