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The Intriguing Story Behind The Rise Of The Nigerian Music Artiste, Habib Mecca (Euroboy542)

by Joseph Ayu
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Habib Mecca, known as Euroboy542, is a Nigerian artiste who skyrocketed to fame with his debut single “Kind Things.” Besides being a talented musician, he is also a successful entrepreneur involved in various industries, including transportation. Euroboy542 is a resilient and driven artiste who has faced life’s challenges head-on without giving up. Hoping on a blink of success.


Habib Mecca, also known as EuroBoy542, is a talented and rapidly rising star from Nigeria. Born on August 13th in Abuja, he grew up in a modest family in Kubwa. Despite financial challenges, he pursued his primary and secondary education in Kubwa. After completion of his secondary education, he took on various odd jobs to support his family and save money for further studies. On May 16th, 2018, After relocating from Abuja to Ghana to pursue his education, unforeseen circumstances arose, leading him to discontinue his studies after just a few months at the university.

With the severity of his financial situation, he left school and took to the streets to survive. He engaged in challenging jobs and remained motivated, knowing that there is always a light at the end of every tunnel.


In an encounter with the rising star, he revealed his deep love for money and his early involvement in jobs that paid him. He shared how he started working in a poultry at the age of just 10. He also expressed his passion for music, recalling his time in secondary school when he consistently pursued this interest, which has now catapulted him to the world stage.


On November 16th, 2019, he released his debut single titled “Kind Things.” The song gained widespread recognition after he hustled on the streets to raise the funds, and it quickly shone on various platforms.

On August 13th, he released a self-dedicated single on his birthday, showcasing his talent and passion. The artiste is making great strides in his career and has his sights set on owning his own record label“542doingz”


The Nigerian artiste, Habib Mecca, also known as EuroBoy542, recently shared the immense challenges he faced in life and his unwavering determination to never give up. While he encountered difficulties and betrayal, he chooses to keep the rest of his personal details private.


After releasing his first single in 2019, which garnered thousands of views, the music artiste expressed his satisfaction, excitement, and pride in overcoming numerous challenges. Recently, on August 13, 2023, he released another single titled “Lifestyle.” This achievement is a significant milestone for him, filled with great value.

In his favorite words, he encourage the newbies to “Never Say Never” to life’s circumstances. He added, though “Life hits hard, but we hit harder. Don’t live your life according to someone else’s script”.

Check out his awesome new single “Lifestyle” on all platforms.

[Music] Euroboy542 – Lifestyle

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