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The Japa syndrome will continue till we fix Nigeria – AY Makun

by Peter Friday
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AY Makun shared his thoughts on the JAPA syndrome via his X account on January 25, 2024. He acknowledged the current reality of more Nigerians seeking what they believe to be greener pastures abroad

In his post, AY expressed understanding for those looking to leave the country, citing the challenging circumstances and abject poverty that many face. He noted that while “Japa” might not have been the solution year ago, the current wave reflects the deep frustration and weariness of people who feel compelled to seek better opportunities elsewhere.

He said: “More people are still looking for that opportunity to leave Nigeria to seek greener pastures. It is what it is at the moment. Though it’s also a SAD REALITY to blame the system. In those good old days, Japa was never the solution.”

The comic highlighted the role of the failing system and acknowledged the sad reality of the situation. He emphasised that the JAPA syndrome is likely to persist until collective efforts are made to address and fix the challenges Nigerians face.

“But a whole lot of people are so tired and messed up to the point where all they need is how to find a way out of this incessant madness that is laced with abject poverty. The Japa syndrome is going to continue until we all collectively find a way to fix Nigeria again,” he concluded.



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