The Kardashian sisters react to Ruger’s hit song ‘Asiwaju’

by Peter Friday
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One of the sisters from the reality TV family the Kardashians, has reacted to the hit song by popular Nigerian singer Ruger titled ‘Asiwaju.’

The hit song ‘Asiwaju’ has crossed the borders as one of the sisters from the popular family that dominates the fashion scene and entertainment scene as well, the Kardashians, in a video on her social media platform, reacted to the smashing song from Ruger.

Model Kylie Jenner who is also the younger sister of Kim Kardashian had shared a video of herself vibing to the hit song alongside her friend as they made their way to meet her mother at another location.

The fashion mogul and the millionaire, who is also the partner of US rapper Travis Scott had been at the back of a limo on a call with her mother with the hit song playing in the background.

Watch the video below:


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