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The Sudden Rise Of The Nigerian Skit Maker, Prince M. Obumneme – PMO Comedy

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The Nigerian skit maker, Prince Munnachisom Obumneme, is a thriving successful businessman and content creator. Behind his success is an intriguing and exemplary storyline that others seek to emulate. He is a renowned comedian known for his creavely hilarious lines that shine through in his content. He is known by his stage name, PMO Comedy, The Doctor of All BP. His inspiring content has reached beyond borders, establishing him as one of the renowned comedians in Cotonou, Benin Republic. His content is streamed on each of his social media pla%orms.


Prince M. Obumneme, popularly known as PMO Comedy (the doctor of all BP), was born on December 12 in Enugu. Since his birth, he has had to endure significant hardships which have le- a lasng impact on him. The rise of the fast-rising skit-maker highlights the life challenges he faced at a young age, which ulmately became the stepping stones to his success. He has had to face many challenges in life due to being born into an impoverished family. Some years a-er being born in Enugu, his family relocated to his hometown in Ishielu local government, Ebonyi State in search of a be0er life.

He completed his elementary and secondary educaon in Ebonyi. Unfortunately, financial constraints led to a crisis for the family, who could only afford basic necessies like food and shelter. As a result, educaon was not a viable opon, and he had to abandon his academic aspiraons. He had to drop out of school in junior secondary school (JSS3) and forfeit his long-term academic dreams.

In 2009, just months a-er leaving school, his family sent him to Port Harcourt to serve as an apprence under a master, to whom he pledged his allegiance. The apprenceship lasted five years, but unfortunately, there was no se0lement or compensaon at the end. Later, he relocated to Anambra to get his life back on track. He found himself alone on the streets, struggling to fend for himself. He then took on various tedious jobs to build a life of his own. He saved up the proceeds from his jobs and eventually moved to Lagos, where he connued his hustle to make a be0er life for himself.


A-er weathering the storm in Port Harcourt, he headed to Anambra to regroup and revive his hustle, having lost five precious years to adversity. He found himself on the streets, feeling deprived and bereaved, with no one to turn to.

In 2014, he took ma0ers into his own hands and relocated to Onitsha, Anambra, to connue his hustle. He took on various menial and life-threatening jobs, including selling apples and sausage rolls (Gala) in traffic, dodging moving vehicles. He later worked as a bus conductor, transporng passengers from one place to another. Throughout these endeavors, he saved diligently from his daily earnings, eventually accumulang enough capital to start a small business selling motor parts.

By 2023, a-er years of dedicaon and perseverance, he finally pursued his passion. As he reflected on his journey, he coined his favorite quote: “Money speaks for passion, but fuel your passion with the required resources.” He began creang skits, honing his cra- over months, and rekindling his true passion.


The Nigerian skit maker proudly shared that he is a happily married man, and his wife has been a profound influence on his life and career. While he has chosen to keep his wife out of the public eye, he acknowledges that her support has been a vital source of strength and inspiraon. Despite sharing many details about his life, he has respec%ully kept his wife’s identy, as well as other members of his family and personal life private.


In a recent interview, he shared that within a remarkable span of less than a year, he successfully hosted over six shows, making a profound impact, and has also been featured in numerous shows both locally and internaonally.

In addion to his flourishing career, he boasts a thriving business venture – his motor spare parts sales. He humbly dedicates his accomplishments to his mother and wife, who unwaveringly believed in him, and to all those who face similar challenges, encouraging them to hold on to hope, as there is always a silver lining on the horizon, if they refuse to give up.

His journey is a testament to resilience, hard work, and determinaon. From humble beginnings to success, he proves that with dedicaon and perseverance, anyone can overcome challenges and soar to new heights, inspiring others to chase their dreams and never give up on their passions.

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