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Timaya reveals why a Nigerian girl should not date a Nigerian guy

by Peter Friday
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Timaya, has shared insights into his views on dating and relationships, expressing his thoughts for Nigerian women dating men from their own country.

In an interview with Beat 99.9FM on Thursday, February 8, 2024, the talented music star discussed his personal love life, revealing that he is not currently dating a Nigerian woman. He emphasized that dating individuals from diverse cultural backgrounds offers an opportunity to experience and appreciate different cultures.

Timaya, known for hits like Dey Your Day, recently addressed his weight loss journey and used the opportunity to comment on relationships between Nigerian men and women. He suggested that when Nigerians date within their own nationality, it can lead to dishonesty and a lack of trust, likening it to a game of cat and mouse or police and thief chasing each other.

His remarks sparked surprise among some listeners, especially considering his recent show of patriotism and encouragement for Nigerians during the match against South Africa, to stand firm in their identity. Critics pointed out the apparent contradiction in his stance, suggesting that he should apply the same principle to his romantic choices.


Timaya’s comments have ignited conversations about cultural identity, relationships, and the complexities of love in a globalized world. As a prominent figure in the Nigerian music industry, his views on such matters carry weight and prompt reflection within the community.

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