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Vector tha Viper celebrates first wedding anniversary in heartfelt post

by Peter Friday
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Nigerian rapper, Olanrenwanju Ogunmefun David, professionally known as Vector tha Viper, has taken to social media to commemorate his first wedding anniversary with his wife.

The rapper, known for keeping his personal life private, had tied the knot with his lover in a discreet ceremony last year, with images from the event later surfacing on social media.

In celebration of this significant milestone, Vector shared a poignant moment from their engagement, where he is seen exchanging rings with his wife. The artist opted to shield their faces, preserving the privacy of his beloved partner, as they both elegantly donned white corporate attire in the captured images.

In the caption accompanying the post on social media, Vector expressed, “One year down, the toes down, we pin, we full ground,” extending warm wishes to himself and his wife on their first anniversary. He punctuated the sentiment with a love emoji, encapsulating the joy and love that marked their journey over the past year.


Vector, recognized for his lyrical prowess and contributions to the Nigerian music scene, has, in recent weeks, shared glimpses of his experiences, including a notable visit to Borno state where he posed for pictures alongside soldiers.

The rapper’s ability to balance his public persona with moments of personal significance showcases the multifaceted nature of his life and resonates with fans who appreciate both his artistic talents and genuine expressions of love and commitment.


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