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Whitemoney’s Instagram Account Gets Hacked

Whitemoney, a contestant in the BBNaija Season 8 All-Star Edition accounts just got hacked by a white guy.

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With a substantial following of around 1.9 million on Instagram, Whitemoney the BBNaija all star account just got hacked.

A concerned Nigerian took to Twitter to share the distressing news, alerting everyone to the fact that Whitemoney’s Instagram account had been hacked during the night. 

Whitemoney Instagram account gets hacked Photo credit @Chimmiee Twitter

Notably, the hacker, identified as a white guy, had gone as far as uploading his own pictures on the account.

The person’s timing did not go unnoticed, as the concerned Nigerian expressed her disbelief on twitter, saying, “Omo it’s the fact that the boy waited for 12 am Naija time when people are sleeping to do this. Kai!!!”


As news of the hacking spread, reactions poured in from fans of Whitemoney, expressing their opinions and speculations about the incident. 

Some were skeptical, suggesting that it might not be a genuine takeover, while others pondered over the possible carelessness of Whitemoney’s social media handler that could have led to the security breach.

At the time of the hacking, the Instagram account was made private, raising even more questions about the motives behind the intrusion. 

Whitemoney's Instagram account now on Private. Photo credit Instagram

Fans and followers expressed mixed feelings about the situation, debating whether it was a strategy or a genuine security breach.




 “de handler GI explain tire”


Authentic “Handler don go click spam link”


WumWum “Yo! if he doesn’t get this back, its gon hurt him o”


Kay B “Na ein project work that”


Tokini “Might be a strategy to get buzz”


Iam_harryy “na strategy”


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