Paul Okoye who is better known as Rudeboy, is a Nigerian singer. Paul Okoye who is the identical twin brother of Peter Okoye has list some the key assets that a man must have that attract the attention of every woman.

Paul Okoye made a posted on his Instagram story and state clearly that no woman will be willing to have any romantic relationship with any man, if money is not the involved.

He said in the post “Omoh without money women are not interested. Billing na their no.1 goal.”

He explained further that the main aims of most women nowadays is to bill their men or make them foot for all their bills, from now on, it is extremely important for any men to achieve some level of success and wealth before making an advance to any lady.

In my own point of view, Make money as a man. You have no respect as a man without money. They won’t love you without money. No money, no relationship. The spec of a large number of women is money. With money, you can get the best of them. Love without money is nothing. Go for the money first.


“Without Money No Woman Will Be Interested”-PSquare’s Paul Okoye


Although a few might disagree him.

Is money important in a relationship? What do you think about this?

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