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Women are the most powerful beings on earth – Seyi Awolowo apologises again

by Peter Friday
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Awolowo expressed regret over his words during a recent interview with Channels Television, stressing that he said them in the heat of the moment. He concluded by apologising for any offence caused by his earlier remarks and expressed a commitment to promoting positive and respectful dialogue in the future.

“Our women are the most powerful beings on earth. They bring life. Even we men don’t bring life. We bring things, but we don’t carry life. At that moment, I was really angry at a lot of things. It was just an explosion of emotions, I really I’m sorry for that, for the word I used. It was a particular word and I really regret that word because that was not my intention,” he expressed.

During the All Stars season of the reality show, Awolowo faced intense backlash for stating that his sons would take turns sexually violating other people’s daughters, adding that he had a miscellaneous bank account to fund such activities.

In his words, “I get shina account for my son, miscellaneous account. I get that account for my son, I will give them the keys to the guest house, and they will go run train on people’s daughters. I gave birth to a boy first and he will f**k your daughter. They go come meet me say, Daddy, I need the Benz. I’ll give them the Benz, I’ll give them the key to the guesthouse, they go go run train on people daughter. I’m giving birth to boys and they go dey f**k people daughter.”


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