The moment an internet scammer popularly known as Yahoo Boy found out that he was being fooled by his own colleague was captured on tape.

He tried to defrauded client he believed is a white person but he was left disappointed when found out it was a Nigerian.

In a video making headlines on the internet, the Yahoo Boy was caught lying about being terribly sick. He claimed he had a fever and was taking antibiotics.

He claimed he was admitted to the hospital, so the purported client offered to send some money to pay for his medical expenses.

The boy then probed to know how much the person intends to send and the client said 1,000. On hearing that, the scammer jumped up and almost started rejoicing before he quickly comported himself.

The boy then probes to know how much the people intends to send and the clients says 1000 dollar. On hearing that, scammer jumps up and starts rejoicing before he quickly composed himself. He then wondered if it was 1000 pounds or euros that he should be expecting, but the victim who was probably trying to scam him too said it is N1,000.

On hearing that, Yahoo Boy was shocked that they had to ask the client what town they lived in and that was when the client said Ikorodu.

He immediately stood up feeling disappointed and angrily ended the call. All the while he was talking over the phone, the Yahoo Boy did not realise that he was being recorded.