Why are Nigerians always bitter when you say something bad Yahoo boys?

I know I have a lot of fans here on Naijaloaded that loves reading my Articles but yesterday some of my fans became furious with me and they eventually turned themselves into my enemy because I said something about Yahoo Yahoo boys 😁

Whether you guys like it or not, the truth must be said. They almost beat me to death (something they would have done if they can see me face to face)

Some abused and insulted my mama, papa, past, present, and future generation but wetin concern me?

I still believe that there’s no justification for Internet fraud. And I still insist that the Prison sentence for Yahoo boys is small, 20 years imprisonment is better.

Yes, I acknowledge and know that there’s no job and the poverty in the land is too much but stealing is not the way out na.

Now that I know that almost all of you are Thieves sorry, are Yahoo boys

I have a question for you all yahoo yahoo people 👇

BE SINCERE – Why Are You Into Yahoo Business? (To Escape Poverty or Revenge On White People?)