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Asake’s ex-girlfriend speaks on breakup with artist

by Peter Friday
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Madame Mystiquee, the former lover of renowned artist, Asake, has broken her silence regarding their highly publicized breakup.

The duo, known for their striking presence on social media, parted ways after nearly a year of romantic involvement, leaving fans curious about the reasons behind their split.

Following the separation, Madame Mystiquee took a hiatus from social media platforms, but recently resurfaced online, sparking a renewed interest in her personal life.

During a recent Q&A session on Instagram on Tuesday, April 9, 2024, curious Nigerian fans seized the opportunity to inquire about the breakup, prompting Madame Mystiquee to address the lingering questions. In response to a query posed by @rophiat_ regarding the motive behind their separation, Madame Mystiquee offered a cryptic explanation, stating, “Cuz he wanted to go let the devil use him.”


This enigmatic response immediately captivated fans, hinting at potential underlying reasons for the breakup. Of particular intrigue was the inclusion of an emoji in Madame Mystiquee’s response—a palm with an eye in the center, a symbol often associated with the “Illuminati.”

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