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Charly Boy reveals he got married for wrong reasons, clarifies sexuality

by Peter Friday
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Charly Boy, has candidly revealed the unconventional reasons behind his enduring 46-year marriage.

During an interview on Inside Scoop with Pulsehosted by reality TV personality, Uriel on Thursday, April 4, 2024, Charly Boy disclosed that when he married his wife at a young age, he was motivated by superficial qualities such as physical attractiveness and musical talent, as he was pursuing his hobby of singing. However, he acknowledged that these were “all the wrong reasons” for entering into a lifelong commitment.

Reflecting on his past priorities, Charly Boy admitted that his focus has since shifted,emphasizing that he no longer places importance on a woman’s physical appearance or attributes like beauty, “nyash,” or breasts.

In a separate segment of the interview, Charly Boy addressed misconceptions surrounding his sexuality. Despite longstanding assumptions within Nigerian society about his sexual orientation, Charly Boy clarified that he has a feminine side, represented by a character named Linda, which he developed during his time in America.


Contrary to speculation, Charly Boy affirmed his attraction to women and dismissed claims of being gay. He showed his support for heterosexual relationships and emphasized that if he were gay, he would actively advocate for LGBTQ+ rights in Nigeria.

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