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Lagos bus driver and Zinoleesky get in fight over money

by Peter Friday
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An unexpected encounter on the roads of Lagos led to a bizarre altercation between a Korope (small bus) driver and popular Nigerian singer, Oniyide Azeez, widely known as Zinoleesky.

The incident, which unfolded on the route to Lekki, left witnesses astonished as the driver halted the bus mid-journey to accost the musician, demanding monetary assistance.

Eyewitness accounts revealed that the incident transpired when Darny Arts Anthony, a passenger on the Korope, shared a video documenting the unfolding drama. According to Anthony, the driver abruptly brought the vehicle to a standstill upon sighting Zinoleesky’s convoy along the road. Seemingly driven by a desire for financial gain, the driver exited the bus, leaving bewildered passengers behind, to solicit money from the singer.

In a surprising turn of events, instead of complying with the driver’s request, Zinoleesky allegedly responded with physical force, purportedly delivering a punch to the driver’s face before departing. The unexpected blow left witnesses stunned and the driver visibly shaken.


Unfazed by the altercation, the driver reportedly reentered the Korope and initiated pursuit of Zinoleesky’s convoy, adamantly asserting that the singer owed him compensation for the altercation. The persistence of the driver further escalated the situation, drawing the attention of bystanders and exacerbating the already tense atmosphere on the busy Lagos road.

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